Free, online Mindfulness sessions are still happening! These began during the height of the pandemic , when we were all staying home. And still going strong. Sessions are by Zoom, and happen every Friday morning at 10am MT. Please let me know if you would like to be included on the email reminder that includes the Zoom link. :-)


The insertion of very tiny, filiform needles into specific points along the body to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain, and provide a sense of calm and well-being. Acupuncture is well known for its ability to treat fertility, women's health, chronic and acute pain, men's issues, digestive issues, headaches, sleep problems and much more. Call us for more information!


As a long-time meditation and mindfulness teacher, and experienced acupuncturist, Lisa offers private time for you to work on what's frustrating you, what's challenging you, and how you can gain more insight to help by learning about mindfulness tools.

Brooks Davis is a NCCAOM certified and Colorado licensed acupuncturist, having graduated from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder with a Masters of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal specialization. With a diverse background in bodywork and western herbalism, Brooks brings a unique perspective to his acupuncture practice. Brooks received his massage training at the Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork in Kauai, Hawaii. He also holds a certification in Western Herbalism from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. In his free time, Brooks loves to engage in adaptive mountain biking in Colorado and strumming the ukulele. Book an appointment with Brooks today and experience his expertise in acupuncture and holistic health!

Brooks Davis is a NCCAOM certified and Colorado licensed acupuncturist, having graduated from the... Read More

Lisa Lowe has been a meditation teacher and acupuncture health professional for over 20 years. For your convenience, she now offers tele-health sessions that give you the opportunity to customize each session to your own needs! You can choose from *Learn how to ground & center yourself *Mindfulness coaching *Nutritional and Herbal Consultations *Self-empowering tools for treating yourself with acupressure points *Personalized meditation instruction

Be empowered in creating a vibrant life. Receive compassionate guidance in resolving conflicts in work and family life, learning to navigate stressful situations. Equip yourself with effective tools for working with stress, anxiety - with nutrition, plant medicine, acupressure, breathing exercises, humor, and much much more.

Lisa’s education and training is vast and deep, and includes: Southwest Acupuncture College 1999-2003 Nursing Degree and Work experience 1989-1999 Massage Therapy Certification 1986 Childbirth Educator and Midwife Assistant 1981-1990 Naturopathic and Nutritional/Herbal Studies 1989-1994 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training 2005, Qualified since 2012 Engaged Mindfulness Instructor from EMI 2020 Mindfulness Coaching Program 2018-2019 Ongoing studies in nutrition, herbal remedies, gut and hormone health, acupuncture and acupressure, stress reduction, holistic and functional fertility support and expert guidance, holistic oncology support, neuroscience related to stress, systemic dysfunction, compassionate communication skills, trauma-informed coaching, everyday mindfulness tools and skills for navigating a tough world, Buddhist Studies, Christian Centering. Lisa’s unique skill is holding space for YOU as a healthy individual with your own beautiful, inherent wisdom and strengths; and guiding you toward a self-aware and self-compassionate journey of growth and well-being.

Lisa Lowe has been a meditation teacher and acupuncture health professional for over 20 years. Fo... Read More

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